Our first day in Argaka, Cyprus

Sunday 14 August 2011 17:00

Pomos Point

Pomos Point

We took it really easy this morning, lazy swim, long breakfast and just a few chores like unpacking suitcases. The guy we booked with came round for the €100 deposit and to show us how to work the appliances, but it was more like a lesson in energy conservation. Told not to use the 4Kw jacuzzi heater, open windows instead of using the air conditioning etc, but I have completely forgotten what he said, everything is now running at max!! Pool hot, rooms cold :-)

Video of the Argaka townhouse

As it was the first day and we weere still tired from travelling we decided to keep to the easy pace and just take a trip around the coast. The local beach was only 5 to 10 minutes walk away from the house, no amenities and no people but the water looked great and we postponed exploring further and dived in.

Travelled further around the coast towards the north and stopped for a late lunch at a restaurant by the side of the road at Pomos Point. Lucy had the Sea Bass and I the Red Mullet. The restaurant overlooked a cove with lots of people snorkelling, looks great so next time we will bring our kit with us.

Video taken on the way to Kato Pyrgos

We continued travelling north in to the mountains at one point I think we were at about 3,000 feet. At one point we went past a Turkish army base which seemed strange. Our next stop was at Kato Pyrgos.

After a bit of a swim and sunbathe we hired a slide boat (€10 for half an hour). Due to the high slide the boat drifted in the heavy wind, after nearly taking out a few locals we were in danger of hitting the rocks, so jumped out and tried to pull the boat swimming. I just got to where it was shallow enough before being to knackered to swim any further, not the best of experiences and hopefully lesson learnt.

Drove past Argaka and in to Polis for the first supermarket shop, amazed at how dear the prices are, it came to €120 and we only bought a few basics.

Back to the house and sandwiches for tea.

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