Flying to Paphos - Cyprus

Saturday 13 August 2011 17:00

Horse riding in Paphos

Horse riding in Paphos

Yesterday was a mad panic to pack and to clear up as many work loose ends as possible before leaving for Coventry. Today started at a far more sedate pace. We all had a good lay in and it was not long before Stacia had the frying pan working.

We left Birmingham later than I would have liked, due do a last minute hairdo (Lucy). My SatNav had broken down earlier in the week, but who can get lost navigating from Coventry to Birmingham airport? Yep, after following written directions we realised we had travelled miles out of our way and well and truly lost! I tried Google Maps and phone GPS for the first time, worked a treat and took us straight to the “park and fly”. For some reason we thought last check-in was 2 hours before departure, so at this point we had missed that by 10 minutes and mild panic started to set in. This was not the last time during the holiday that I would want to head for the nearest cigarette shop! Stress levels were not helped by the bus driver’s reluctance to do anything useful, like driving! Eventually we got to the check-in and found we had time in hand, and had at least 20 minutes before being in danger of missing the flight (check-in cut off was 1 hour) – Note to self, next time confirm check-in time, calculate journey time (including any transfer) and add at least 1 hour!

Then after all that stress – the flight was delayed by an hour.

Paphos Airport

Arrival at Paphos (Pafos) all went smoothly, We had booked car hire with a big online agency, so it was a bit disconcerting to be met by a lady waving our name and then to complete handover details, including credit card number, to a man in a cafe outside the airport. It was too dark to check over the car properly (a Focus not a Nissan Note as ordered) and we left with instructions to leave the car in the car park and lock the keys in the boot when we leave. Can’t help but have a bit of a bad feeling about this. We will see.

The drive from Paphos to Argaka took about an hour, only a couple of roads so nice and stress free. Once in Argaka the directions fell apart “at the Kiosk turn right, after a few bends turn right at a junction, then turn tight again”. The problem was a few bends could be between 2 and how many, and what type of junction. We spent ages taking all the right turns possible without, any joy and started to think we might be spending the night in the car (cigarette ?!). It was now 1.30am but we managed to get the guy we booked with on the phone, another 15 minutes and we were still no further forward so he said to stay where we were and he would come and find us. Ten minutes later a car went slowly passed with a guy peering at us, I waved and wound down the window. I said “thanks for coming out, which way are we heading” he said “that depends where you want to go?!” turns out it was a complete stranger confused as to why I was waving at him. Anyway, turns out it was a young couple returning from a night out that were staying in the same complex as us, JOY!!

We had a quick look around the house and were very impressed, all as advertised. Although 2am we, we conceded to the kids demands, and went for a quick dip in the pool, after a long hot day it was great.

Well needed alcohol!

We put the kids to bed and took a bottle of red to the jacuzzi , if Carlsberg made jacuzzis they would make them like this one, BLISS!!

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